Component Installation and Truck/Trailer Modification Services Services Installation of equipment modification

Component Installation and Truck/Trailer Modification Services

Apart from the distribution and sales of trailer/semi-trailer components and parts under the MAGNUM and TEN trademarks

Semi-Trailer/Container Rental and Purchase Service sales rental trailers and containers 06

Semi-Trailer/Container Rental and Purchase

Under our affiliated company, ANT Services, we have a team of engineers dedicated to the design, modification and production of semi-trailers including flatbed

Preventative Maintenance (PM) for Trailers/Semi-Trailers Pm Service 05

Preventative Maintenance (PM) for Trailers/Semi-Trailers

We provide preventative maintenance solutions for trailers/semi-trailers along with other servicing.

Container Servicing Repair Box General 01

Container Servicing

Apart from servicing the trailers, we also service the containers including paint jobs, new flooring or new walls. Please contact our sales team for additional information.