A.N.T. Services Co., Ltd.



A.N.T. Services Co., Ltd.

ANT Services was established in 2004 to provide container chassis rental services for both fleet customers and end-users. Now ANT services have extended their services to providing customers with both 20” and 40”containers, different types of semi-trailers for purchase and preventative maintenance for trailers and semi-trailers. As of now, ANT Services has a fleet of about 200 semi-trailers for rent.

We foresee a growing economy in the ASEAN region in the long-run and is certain that the demand for logistics services will grow alongside with the expansion of the economy and consumer spending. Our head office is located in Lardproa, Bangkok, and our service site is convenient located at Bangpa-in Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya. Please visit the >>Services<< link to see the products and services that we provide.


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