News and Events / Department of Transport Regulation #62 (2016) Revision of Regulation #9 (1981)

The Ministry of Transport Thailand has released a new Regulation #62 (2016) and has revised Regulation #9 (1981) regarding equipment and dimension requirements. These revisions are effective from 17 April 2016 onwards except for the regulation regarding vehicle heights which will be effective from 19 March 2017 onwards.

Passenger Buses (Height restrictions – measured verticallly from the ground to the highest point of the vehicle not taking into account side mirrors used for external viewing)

– Single level buses 3.8 meters (from previously 4 meters)

– Double decker buses 4.0 meters (from previously 4.3 meters)

The Ministry Director has asked for urgent measures to be realized regarding the following :

– Buses, trucks and trailers must be equipped with conspicuity markings compliant with UN R104/48 standards in terms of dimension and location. The conspicuity markings must only consist of one color throughout.

– Anti-brake locking system must be in place compliant with the conditions set out.

– Seat belts must be regulated.

– Materials used in the production, assembly or decoration of vehicles must comply with international standards in regards to fire safety regulations.

Additional information (in Thai) available at the following link >>บันทึกข้อความ<<

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